ABLES Assessment Tool Support Materials

About the ABLES Assessment Tool

There are currently three assessment tools across two learning areas and one general capability in the form of an observational survey that take approximately 20 minutes for teachers to complete for each student.

The assessments have been designed to describe skills and abilities that teachers can observe in everyday school and classroom contexts and interactions with students. It is therefore not necessary for teachers to test students prior to completing the online assessments, nor do students participate directly in the assessment.

Teachers can apply the assessment tool to identify their students’ readiness to learn across the three learning domains:

  • English – Speaking and Listening – the development of functional communication skills leading towards recognition and use of the social conventions of communication
  • English – Reading and Writing – the development of the use and interpretation of symbolic forms of representation leading towards early reading and writing
  • Personal and Social Capability – the development of skills to support personal/emotional and social/relational dispositions, intelligences, and sensibilities including:
    • Personal and Social Capability, Self Awareness: Self (specifically for students on the autism spectrum) – the development of basic skills related to attention, memory and becoming an independent learner.

Student achievement in each domain will guide the teacher to the appropriate curriculum level and teaching and learning strategies that could be used to develop an individual education plan.

The ABLES assessment tool is available online for teachers via the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website. This links teachers directly to the secure assessment tool, which is accessed by teachers using their individual school username and password.  Refer to: Getting Started with ABLEWA.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority acknowledges the development of the ABLES Assessment Tool by the University of Melbourne and the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for their development and publication of the ABLES Curriculum and Support Materials.