Results and Reporting

The individual student reports show student performance in relation to:

  • national proficiency bands
  • the national minimum standard
  • the national mean
  • the range of performance of the middle 60% of Australian students
  • the skills assessed at each year level and in each performance band.

There are ten proficiency bands for each area of assessment, with six bands used for each year group. Year 3 performance is reported against bands 1 to 6, Year 5 bands 3 to 8; Year 7 – bands 4 to 9; Year 9 – bands 5 to 10.

The national minimum standard is represented by the second lowest band for each year group. This standard describes the minimum skills and understandings that students are expected to demonstrate at their particular year level. Students who do not achieve the national minimum standard at their year level may need intervention and support to help them progress satisfactorily through school.

Individual NAPLAN reports are prepared for all students, including students who were absent, withdrawn or exempted. NAPLAN reports are forwarded directly to parents by the school. If you do not receive a report, please contact your child's school immediately.

Parents should keep their child’s report in a safe place as duplicate copies are not available.