• interviewing an Elder/community speaker about topics such as community initiatives and projects or life histories, observing correct respect protocols and presenting findings in formats such as digital presentations, posters, wall charts or oral summaries
  • researching a social or environmental issue from the target language region, synthesising information and presenting findings on topics such as preservation of language, culture and land, health, education, transport, local food production and supplies, land management, feral animals, fish stocks, water supply
  • engaging with simple texts such as school and community magazines, interviews, TV programs, IndigiTUBE, to gather facts about events, social and cultural activities or people, and reporting the information to others, for example, by creating a profile/report and structured summary of a prominent community person or significant event
  • finding information and making comparisons between past and present ways of living in the target language community and presenting information using charts, pictures, PowerPoint presentations
  • comparing information accessed through photos, IndigiTUBE and talks by community speakers about lifestyles and activities in the target language communities, such as major events, footy matches, dance nights, road trips/distances travelled, modes of transport, entertainment