ABLEWA – Abilities Based Learning Education, Western Australia Support Materials


ABLEWA is a program that uses curriculum materials and an assessment tool (ABLES) that will enhance the resources available to teachers to support the teaching and learning of students with disability and additional learning needs who are unable to access the P-10 curriculum.

Developed by the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and the University of Melbourne, the materials have received positive feedback and strong results from the many Victorian schools that use them.  In Western Australia 120 schools were involved in trialling the resources in 2015 and based on the positive feedback are now available to all schools across the state.

ABLEWA will assist Western Australian teachers to create high-quality targeted classroom programs by applying the assessment tool to identify their students' readiness to learn across the seven learning domains (Critical and Creative Thinking, Digital Literacy, English – Reading and Writing, English – Speaking and Listening, Mathematics, Movement and Physical Activity and Personal and Social Capability) and using the curriculum content descriptions and achievement standards for Stages A to D, in all learning areas, except Languages, as provided in the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

In creating an individual education plan for a student with a disability or additional needs, teachers utilise the Western Australian P-10 curriculum.  They may also draw on ABLEWA Stages A to D in designing teaching and learning programs for students with disability and additional needs.

ABLEWA is not mandated.

Already completed the Online Professional Learning course? Access the ABLES Assessment Tool here.


ABLES materials developed by the Victorian Department of Education and Training and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and used under Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 3.0 Australia licence.

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If you require further information regarding the ABLEWA resources or materials, please email the ABLEWA team at:

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority acknowledges the development of the ABLES Assessment Tool by the University of Melbourne and the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for their development and publication of the ABLES Curriculum and Support Materials.