Teaching Support Materials Mandated Materials

Curriculum Support Materials 

New curriculum support materials for Pre-primary to Year 10 are now available, to assist teachers to implement the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

The curriculum support materials provide examples of approaches to teaching, learning and assessment using the Western Australian curriculum and Achievement Standards and are reflective of the Principles of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

The resources are accessible on the new Year Level (Pre-primary to Year 6) and Learning Areas (Years 7 to 10) pages of the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (the Authority) website by clicking the buttons on the K–10 homepage at https://k10outline.scsa.wa.edu.au and then following the link to the Curriculum Support materials as shown below.

Please note: Access to the curriculum support materials require teachers to login or register for an Extranet account at https://scsa.wa.edu.au/extranet/login

Teaching and Learning Outlines Support Materials

The sample teaching and learning outlines exemplify the elements of a teaching and learning program. It is essential therefore to ensure that teachers, when developing a program for their students, should consider:

  • the timing and sequencing of the year level syllabus content
  • the range of learning experiences through which students can apply the knowledge, skills and concepts from the syllabus content
  • the selection of resources to support teaching and learning experiences
  • the implementation of the principles of teaching and learning as articulated in the ‘Ways of teaching’ in the Overview of the syllabus
  • authentic assessments which reflect the year level curriculum content and provide opportunities for students to demonstrate achievement against their year level achievement standard.

Multi age classes

For teachers of multi age group classes there are resources which exemplify an approach to planning for teaching and learning in a multi age group classroom. These teacher support materials, supported by an instructional video, illustrate an approach developed by the Authority which consists of a planning diagram, planning templates and sample teaching and learning plans.