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The assessment snapshots illustrate the assessment principles within a classroom or school context.

The contexts and observations represent what many teachers already do and serve to show that the assessment principles apply across the broad range of assessment activity from teacher observations and teacher devised assessments, through to the use of data from standardised tests.

How can teachers use the assessment snapshots?

The assessment snapshots are envisaged as a starting point for discussion of the assessment principles.

  • What aspects of the assessment principles are illustrated in the snapshot?
  • How might you refine the assessment approach described in the snapshot to suit your particular context?
  • What other assessment strategies have you found useful? How can you use the assessment principles to help you refine your assessment strategies?
  • Do you plan for assessment when you plan your lessons? (What do you want your students to know, understand and be able to do? How will you know if your students have achieved this? How will you use the information to plan/refine your instruction?)