Getting Started with ABLEWA Support Materials

What you need to know about ABLEWA

ABLEWA supports teachers to assess students on the basis of their abilities and provides explicit guidance material and resources that will support teachers to effectively plan and teach students based on their individual learning needs.

ABLEWA Stages A to D curriculum is located within ‘P-10 Curriculum’ of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

The Assessment Tool and the Online Professional Learning Course are located within ‘Resources’ of the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

It is recommended that teachers undertake the Online Professional Learning Course before using the assessment tool as it contains information regarding how to use the assessment tool.

Within the course there are five professional learning modules, each of approximately 30 minutes in length with a quiz at the end of each module.  A certificate of completion is provided at the successful conclusion of each module.

Professional Learning Course

Step 1: Read the Professional Learning Guide For Users.

Step 2: Go to the Professional Learning Portal and follow the steps in the guide to create your account and enrol in the course. 
Note: Users registering for the first time will require an enrolment key. The enrolment key for ABLEWA is ABLEWA33

Step 3: Before commencing the Online Professional Learning Course you are required to complete a pre-course survey. This collects information about your setting and context

You will receive a certificate after successful conclusion of each module.

How to use the ABLES Assessment Tool

Step 1: Click on the link ABLES Assessment Tool.
Please note: The ABLES online system now use HTML5 technology; all Adobe Flash components have been replaced. The system can be accessed by a wide variety of devices including tablets and iPads.

Step 2: Enter your school number - use your 4 digit school code including WA at the beginning eg WA0000.  If you are unsure of your school code, check with your Principal.  Use this code (with WA) as your password as well. As your school code has been registered with the University of Melbourne it is essential that you use the correct number.

Step 3: Register students using the eight (8) digit student number provided by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.  [Check the tutorials in the Guidance Materials of the ABLES Assessment Tool if you have forgotten the process.]  Note that Class ID is optional but if chosen it does allow you to compare student results within a selected group.

Step 4: Choose Assess Students to undertake the assessments for each student. [Check the tutorials within the Guidance Materials if you have forgotten the process.]

Step 5: Produce Reports – once you have completed an assessment for a student you can access a student report.

Step 6: View Student Records – you can check the status for each student.


  • An assessment round is for each semester.  If a student is assessed more than once within a round the previous assessment will be over-ridden [you are able to keep a hard copy record].
  • A profile report maps a student’s level of learning and progress across two consecutive assessment rounds.
  • The ABLES Assessment Tool is available for Western Australian participants at all times excepting for maintenance periods which include one week prior to Term 1 and Term 3 (Victorian term dates).


If you require further information regarding the ABLEWA resources or materials, please email the ABLEWA team at:

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority acknowledges the development of the ABLES Assessment Tool by the University of Melbourne and the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for their development and publication of the ABLES Curriculum and Support Materials.