The Languages curriculum for Western Australia has been written on the basis that schools provide a Languages program, in at least one language subject, from Pre-primary to Year 10. As a minimum, all students will study a Language subject from Year 3 to Year 8. In Year 9 and Year 10 the study of Languages is optional.

In the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline, the languages subjects will be implemented according to the schedule below.

Graphical version of Timeline  *P-10 Sequence P-3 (2018) /Y4 (2019) /Y5 (2020) /Y6 (2021) /Y7 (2022) /Y8 (2023) /Y9 (2024) /Y10 (2025) *7-10 Sequence Y7 (2022) /Y8 (2023) /Y9 (2024) /Y10 (2025)

Collaborative Curriculum and Assessment Framework for Languages – Curriculum and assessment review 2020-2022

Have your say on the CCAFL Framework for Consultation in Term 1 2021.

The CCAFL Project is a long-running national collaborative curriculum and assessment model that supports the national provision of high quality languages education at the senior secondary level. It provides a common framework for syllabus development and external assessment across languages, which ensures high quality language syllabuses and the ongoing national provision of languages that might otherwise be unsustainable due to small candidatures.

In 2019, a national project was established to renew the curriculum and assessment Framework for the CCAFL Languages. The renewal of the Framework and the language syllabuses based on it is a collaborative endeavour, involving curriculum and assessment authorities from all participating states and the Northern Territory.

As part of the Working Party conducting the nation-wide review, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority is consulting on the new CCAFL Framework structures and elements.

Feedback will inform the development of the final CCAFL Framework.

Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the renewed draft Framework by completing a survey via the link below. The first national consultation period opens on 1 March and closes on 11 April 2021. All stakeholders are encouraged to complete the survey via an external link.

CCAFL Framework for consultation survey

For more information, please contact Hanneke Rekelhof at or via telephone 9273 6724.

The Languages learning area comprises 17 subjects:

Chinese: Second Language
French: Second Language
German: Second Language
Indonesian: Second Language
Italian: Second Language
Japanese: Second Language
Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages Framework — Australian Curriculum
Arabic — Australian Curriculum
Auslan — Australian Curriculum
Chinese — Australian Curriculum
Classical Languages Framework — Australian Curriculum
Hindi — Australian Curriculum
Korean — Australian Curriculum
Modern Greek — Australian Curriculum
Spanish — Australian Curriculum
Turkish — Australian Curriculum
Vietnamese — Australian Curriculum

Languages learning area contacts:

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