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Judging Standards

Please note: Judging Standards is located under the assessment menu and is housed in the extranet for privacy of student work samples, especially for those relating to performance. To login or register visit the Extranet page.

More information about accessing the Judging Standards.

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  • Year 6 and Year 7 Moderation

    Year 6 and Year 7 Moderation will continue in 2019 for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities and Social Sciences. The content for the common tasks is now available. Registration for schools to participate in the 2019 process will open in January 2019.

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Kindergarten to Year 10: curriculum, assessment and reporting update

Scootle provides digital resources for teachers and students. Many of the resources in Scootle match the Western Australian Curriculum content descriptions.

Department staff can use Connect to browse the curriculum, find matching resources and share them with students and colleagues.  All national and locally created resources are available at