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The School Curriculum and Standards Authority has replaced the Curriculum Council. One of the priorities of the new Board will be to oversee development of an outline for curriculum and assessment in schools that will replace the Curriculum Framework covering all years of schooling.

The Curriculum Framework sets out the 'knowledge, understandings, skills, values and attitudes that students are expected to acquire'. These requirements are described as a series of learning outcomes. The outcomes include overarching outcomes and learning area outcomes. The learning outcomes comprise the mandatory element of the Curriculum Framework (ie all schools in WA must either implement them or obtain an exemption). To implement the Curriculum Framework teachers and schools must ensure that the learning and teaching programs they design provide learning opportunities aimed at achieving the outcomes set out in the Curriculum Framework.

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Note to teachers

  • Late in 2002 the Australian Government launched a program called the Values Education Project. The development of the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools (2005) emerged from this project.
  • The following comparison shows the relationship between the five clusters and 32 individual values in the Curriculum Framework and the Values for Australian Schooling.
  • The key message is that schools implementing the Curriculum Framework and the values from the Curriculum Framework will be implementing the Values for Australian Schooling. This document also identifies the Curriculum Framework values which are not part of the Values for Australian Schooling.

Values in the Curriculum Framework