Online Professional Learning Course Support Materials

The online professional learning course assists teachers to effectively implement the ABLES assessment tool.

It is a free online course suitable for teachers and educational support staff.  The course comprises five modules, each focussing on a specific element of the ABLES suite of resources and each requiring approximately 30 minutes of online participation to complete. A certificate of completion is available at the conclusion of each module.

The professional learning modules provide information on:

  • legislative provisions, reasonable adjustments and equitable participation for students with disability and additional needs
  • how to complete the ABLES assessments
  • how to interpret and use the reports generated by the assessments
  • linking the report information to curriculum planning, teaching and learning to better support students with disability and/or additional learning needs.

Note: The professional learning modules reference the previous ABLES Assessment Tool platform. Apart from log-in details, the information provided is relevant to the Ruby platform.

Access the Professional Learning Guide For Users to get started.

To sign up to access the course please visit the Professional Learning Portal New account page.
Note: Users registering for the first time will require an enrolment key. The enrolment key for ABLEWA is ABLEWA33

If you already have an account you can visit the Professional Learning Portal login page.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority acknowledges the development of the ABLES Assessment Tool by the University of Melbourne and the Department of Education and Training, Victoria and the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority for their development and publication of the ABLES Curriculum and Support Materials.