Classical Languages Framework

Classical languages are distinct within the languages learning area of the Australian Curriculum. While they have ceased to be languages of everyday communication, Classical languages provide a key to the literature, history, thought and culture of the ancient worlds and societies that produced them. Each is removed from the others in time and place and boasts its own, often large and rich, body of ancient literature.

The Australian Curriculum: Framework for Classical Languages (the Framework) is the first national curriculum document for Years 7 to 10 to guide the development of curricula and teaching and learning programs for a range of Classical languages in these years of schooling. By providing a national framework, it is intended that future educational development in Classical languages will result in curricula and school programs that are nationally consistent.

The study of Classical languages allows students to enter and explore ancient worlds that have shaped contemporary life and societies. Authentic engagement with seminal works of great literature and antiquities gives direct access to ancient ways of living in and viewing the world, and an appreciation of the languages, cultures, literatures and traditions that are derived from those of ancient societies.

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