The expression or designation of a character, place, idea, image or information by some other term, character, symbol, diagram, image, sound or combination of visual and aural expression, based on shared social values and beliefs.

A concept in visual arts.

Media Arts

This is the process by which real life ideas, people, events, cultures, places and objects are constructed and re-presented in media work. It is not possible to present reality; everything seen or heard in the media is a re-presentation of the real thing.

Selection processes
All media representations undergo selection processes. Some elements of reality are selected (e.g. who to interview, what shots to use, where to film) and emphasised (e.g. use a close up to draw attention to a particular aspect to influence the audience’s interpretation) over others, and some are omitted (e.g. when only one side of an argument is shown).

When representations are simplified, exaggerated and repeated they become naturalised. They are constructed through selection processes that emphasise and exaggerate a small range of attributes. (e.g. dumb blondes, evil scientists).