Consultation – Proposed changes to P–10 Science and Technologies curriculum

Pre-primary to Year 10 Science and Technologies are being reviewed to adopt and adapt the Australian Curriculum version 9 within the Western Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline. Proposed curriculum changes for Science and Technologies are now available for consultation.

The Authority has focussed on improving the clarity of the content and providing exemplification of the content to support teachers in planning for teaching, learning and assessment.

Teachers and other stakeholders are invited to review the revised curriculum materials on the Authority’s website from 13 May 2024 to 7 June 2024 and complete the survey to provide feedback to the Authority.


Technologies – Design and Technology:

Technologies  – Digital Technologies:

Teachers and other stakeholders are invited to participate in an online consultation information session to learn about the changes and the rationale for the construct and content of the consultation drafts -

Feedback may also be submitted directly to the Authority at

The revised curriculum materials for Science and Technologies will be available for familiarisation in 2025 and implementation in 2026. For all other learning areas, teachers are reminded that the current Western Australian Curriculum is the mandated curriculum for Western Australia until advised otherwise.