• investigating the role of science in the development of technology important to the economies and communities of the Asia–Pacific regions, for example car manufacture, earthquake prediction and electronic optics
  • recognising the role of knowledge of the environment and ecosystems in a number of occupations
  • considering how engineers improve energy efficiency of a range of processes
  • recognising the role of knowledge of cells and cell divisions in the area of disease treatment and control
  • investigating how scientists have created new materials such as synthetic fibres, heat-resistant plastics and pharmaceuticals
  • describing how technologies have been applied to modern farming techniques to improve yields and sustainability Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority leaf icon
  • investigating how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples used scientific understandings of complex ecological relationships to develop specific fire based agricultural practices Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum priority Hand iconSustainability Cross-curriculum priority leaf icon
  • describing the impact of plant cloning techniques (asexual production) in agriculture such as horticulture, fruit production and vineyards Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia Cross-curriculum priority icon