• using knowledge of science to test claims made in advertising or expressed in the media
  • investigating how technologies using electromagnetic radiation are used in medicine, such as in the detection and treatment of cancer
  • investigating the use of nanotechnology in medicine, such as the delivery of pharmaceuticals
  • describing how science is used in the media to explain a natural event or justify actions
  • evaluating claims relating to products such as electrical devices, fuels, indigestion tablets
  • considering the impact of technological advances developed in Australia, such as the cochlear implant and bionic eye
  • considering how communication methods are influenced by new mobile technologies that rely on electromagnetic radiation
  • considering the impacts of human activity on an ecosystem from a range of different perspectives
  • recognising aspects of science, engineering and technology within careers such as medicine, medical technology, telecommunications, biomechanical engineering, pharmacy and physiology
  • considering how the traditional ecological knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples is being reaffirmed by modern science and how this is generating new career opportunities in the field of restorative ecology Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum priority Hand icon