Year 1

Technologies Support Materials

Assessment Principle 2

Assessment should be educative

Food and fibre production snapshot: Farm Animal Shelter

Technologies/Design and Technologies/Knowledge and understanding/Food and fibre production and Processes and production skills/Investigating and defining/Designing

Content Description

Plants and animals used for production have basic needs such as food/nutrients, water, space, protection

Explore opportunities for design

Develop and communicate design ideas through describing, drawing, modelling and/or a sequence of written or spoken steps

Nature of the assessment

Design task

Purposes of the assessment

To assess students’ knowledge of the requirements for caring for animals in production  (e.g. to produce meat, wool, eggs)

Stage in the Teaching sequence

At the end of a teaching and learning cycle – summative assessment

Assessment task

Students were asked to design and create a shelter for a farm animal.

Assessment process

The whole class discussed how different animals on a farm can be cared for. This supported students understanding of basic needs.

The whole class explored the materials that could be used for the construction of an animal shelter. These were listed on the board.

The students completed a T-chart. They noted the animal they were going to build a shelter for and they listed the animal’s requirements.

The students were asked to:

  • list the materials they would use to create the shelter
  • design and draw their animal shelter
  • create the shelter.

As students were finishing their shelters, the teacher moved around the class and he asked each student the following questions:

  • Is your animal shelter similar to your design?
  • Why is it a good shelter for your animal?
  • How will it help your animal remain happy and healthy?

Using the information

As the teacher spoke with each student, he provided feedback that drew their attention to the intended learning, pointing out the strengths of their designs and offering suggestions that will help them to build on their existing knowledge and skills.