Year 10

Health and Physical Education Support Materials

Assessment Principle 1

Assessment should be an integral part of Teaching and Learning

Health Education snapshot: Society’s influences on identity

Health and Physical Education/Health Education/Personal, social and community health/Being healthy, safe and active

Content Description

The impact of societal and cultural influences on personal identity and health behaviour, such as:

  • how diversity and gender are represented in the media
  • differing cultural beliefs and practices surrounding transition to adulthood

Nature of the assessment

Class activity

Purposes of the assessment

To evaluate students’ understandings of personal identity and the factors that may influence identity

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Towards the end of a sequence of lessons on the topic – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students were allocated to small groups. They created a skit to explore the factors that influence their personal identity.

Students provided feedback on each other’s performances in relation to the quality of information about factors influencing personal identity.

Using the information

The teacher used the presentations as well as the peer feedback sessions to evaluate the students’ understanding of societal and cultural influences on personal identity. He also evaluated the task. It had been a very engaging task and clearly the students had enjoyed it, but he felt that some students had difficulty demonstrating the extent of their understanding. He followed up with an additional task that shifted the focus to others’ identity.