Year 3

Health and Physical Education Support Materials

Assessment Principle 2

Assessment should be educative

Physical Education snapshot: Five station tabloid

Health and Physical Education/Physical Education/Movement and physical activity/Moving our body

Content Description

Fundamental movement skills:

  • kick
  • catch
  • underarm throw
  • overarm throw
  • bounce

Movement skills and tactics to achieve an outcome:

  • gaining possession
  • navigating an obstacle course

Nature of the assessment

Whole class activity and teacher observation

Purposes of the assessment

To ascertain students’ ability to:

  • catch a ball
  • use game tactics to gain possession.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

This type of assessment is continuous and may be conducted at any stage or at the end of a unit of work – formative assessment

Assessment task

  • Students were divided into teams of five or six.
  • Playing areas were marked out approximately 10 m x 20 m.
  • A goal area of 1m was marked out at each end.
  • The students used passing skills to attempt to get the ball to team mate in the goal area.
  • Students could move around the playing area but could not move when they possessed the ball.

Diagram showing the red goal area on the left side and the green goal area on the right side with the students in between indicated by a green or red dot.

Assessment process

The teacher observed a sample of ten students and analysed their skill level according to the following criteria.


  • feet move to place body in-line with the ball
  • eyes focused on the ball
  • hands reach out to meet the ball
  • hands adjust to path and size of ball
  • fingers soft and slightly cupped
  • caught in hands only
  • hand and finger closure well-timed
  • elbows bend to absorb impact

Gaining possession:

  • reads the play
  • anticipates ball movement
  • moves to effective defensive position to reduce opponents’ options
  • denies opponents’ space

Using the information

The information obtained from these activities was used for individual feedback and lesson planning for small groups and the whole class. It was also used to inform reporting.