• using food chains to show feeding relationships in a habitat
  • constructing and interpreting food webs to show relationships between organisms in an environment
  • classifying organisms of an environment according to their position in a food chain
  • recognising the role of microorganisms within food chains and food webs
  • exploring how living things can cause changes to their environment and impact other living things, such as the effect of cane toads
  • investigating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ responses to the disruptive interactions of invasive species and their effect on important food webs that many communities are a part of, and depend on, for produce and medicine Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum priority Hand icon
  • investigating the effect of human activity on local habitats, such as deforestation, agriculture or the introduction of new species Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority leaf icon
  • researching specific examples of human activity, such as the effects of palm oil production in Sumatra and Borneo Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia Cross-curriculum priority icon