• researching the scientific work involved in global disaster alerts and communication, such as cyclone, earthquake and tsunami alerts
  • investigating how electrical energy is generated in Australia and around the world
  • researching the use of methane generators in Indonesia
  • considering how electricity and electrical appliances have changed the way some people live
  • considering how personal and community choices influence our use of sustainable sources of energy Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority leaf icon
  • investigating how understanding of catastrophic natural events helps in planning for their early detection and minimising their impact
  • recognising that science can inform choices about where people live and how they manage natural disasters
  • considering how guidelines help to ensure the safe use of electrical devices
  • discussing the use of electricity and the conservation of sources of energy Sustainability Cross-curriculum priority leaf icon
  • discussing how modern approaches to fire ecology in Australia are being informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ traditional ecological knowledge and fire management practicesAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures Cross-curriculum priority Hand icon