Elements of drama

Drama is created and shaped by the elements of drama:

  • atmosphere: the interaction between the audience and the mood of a drama performance.
  • character: a person or individual in the drama Flat characters (or two dimensional characters) and Rounded characters (or three dimensional characters).
  • dramatic tension: drives the drama and keeps an audience interested.
  • language : referring to the use of spoken or written words that communicate ideas, feelings and other associations.
  • mood: mood is the emotional impact intended by the playwright, director and/or other members of the creative team.
  • movement: see definition.
  • relationships: refers to the qualities of the connection between two or more characters or roles.
  • role: a performer can present in performance a role that represents an abstract concept, stereotyped figure, or person reduced to a particular dominant trait
  • situation: circumstances in which a character/s are presented.
  • space: the place where dramatic action is situated.
  • symbol: symbolic parts of design add meaning to themes and narrative.
  • time: both the time of day, time of the year and time in history or the future.
  • voice: see definition.