Scope of Personal and social capability

Personal and social capability encompasses students' personal/emotional and social/relational dispositions, intelligences, sensibilities and learning. It develops effective life skills for students, including understanding and handling themselves, their relationships, learning and work. Although it is named 'Personal and social capability', the words 'personal/emotional' and 'social/relational' are used interchangeably throughout the literature and within educational organisations. The term 'Social and Emotional Learning' is also often used, as is the SEL acronym.

When students develop their skills in any one of these elements, it leads to greater overall personal and social capability, and also enhances their skills in the other elements. In particular, the more students learn about their own emotions, values, strengths and capacities, the more they are able to manage their own emotions and behaviours, and to understand others and establish and maintain positive relationships.

For a description of the organising elements for Personal and social capability, select Organising elements.