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Assessment Principle 1

Assessment should be an integral part of Teaching and Learning

Digital Technologies snapshot: Treasure Map

Technologies/Digital Technologies/Knowledge and understanding/Representation of data and Processes and production skills/Collecting, managing and analysing data

Content Description

Data can have patterns and can be represented as pictures and symbols

Collect and use data of any kind

Nature of the assessment

Teacher observation of small groups

Purposes of the assessment

To determine students’ prior understanding of the concept of data gathering and data use

To assess students’ understanding of the use of symbols to communicate information

Stage in the Teaching sequence

At the beginning of a teaching cycle – formative assessment

Assessment task

The students worked in pairs or small groups. They were required to plan and create a treasure map that provided directions to a specified place. The map had to include directions and photographs of checkpoints which the treasure hunter needed to find along the way. As part of the task, the students had to provide an activity for the hunter to complete at each checkpoint (e.g. collect a gumnut).

Assessment process

The teacher scaffolded the process with the students and modelled hiding and locating ‘treasure’ at appropriate places. She also showed the students how to use the cameras (ICT capability).

The students used a digital planning worksheet and added the photos they had taken of their checkpoints. The teacher then showed them how to insert arrows digitally to indicate directions on their maps.

The students printed their completed maps and these were shared across the groups so that each group had a chance to follow another group’s treasure maps.

Before taking the students out to follow the maps, the teacher discussed with the class the features of a good treasure map.

Using the information

The teacher collected anecdotal information about her students’ understanding of symbols to convey information. She also monitored students’ handling of the digital equipment and their ability to create maps digitally (ICT capability).

The assessment highlighted the diverse ways that the students approached the task and the teacher used her observations to adjust her lesson plans to cater for the needs of all her students. Students who had demonstrated the ability to gather and use data independently were given the opportunity to develop a more detailed map, while she provided additional guidance and support for students who needed assistance to develop their understanding of the uses of data and symbols.