Year 2

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English snapshot: My favourite book

English/Literacy/Interacting with others

Content DescriptionRelevant aspects of the Achievement Standards

Rehearse and deliver short presentations on familiar and new topics (ACELY 1667)

When discussing their ideas and experiences, students use everyday language features and topic-specific vocabulary.

They explain their preferences for aspects of texts using other texts as comparisons.

They use a variety of strategies to engage in group and class discussions and make presentations.

Nature of the assessment

Teacher-devised task and teacher observation

Purpose of the assessment

  • obtain information about relative strengths and weaknesses to inform lesson planning
  • inform reporting

Stage in the teaching sequence

End of semester

Assessment task

The teacher chose to assess his students' oral development through an oral book report. The students were asked to choose their favourite book as the teacher was not assessing their reading comprehension but rather their oral presentation skills.

During the semester the teacher had modelled oral book reports based on the assessment criteria below and had given his students opportunities to present to each other in small groups. He had also used a range of opportunities to teach students the importance of using connectors such as: and, so, because, if; to speak in complete sentences; to speak with grammatical correctness and to speak clearly and fluently.

Assessment criteria

  • tells the audience the title of the book, who wrote it, describes the characters
  • briefly retells the story
  • provides a personal comment about why they liked the book and who else might like the book
  • maintains eye contact with the audience
  • uses more formal language
  • uses complete sentences
  • speaks clearly and fluently.

Using the information

The information from this assessment was used in conjunction with anecdotal records for end of semester reporting and to plan subsequent lessons.

Overview of research 

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