Year 2

Science Support Materials

Science snapshot: Animal Safari Data

Science/Science Inquiry Skills/Processing and analysing data and information

Content DescriptionRelevant aspects of the Achievement Standards

Use a range of methods to sort information, including drawings and provided tables (ACSIS040)

Students use informal measurements to make and compare observations. They follow instructions to record and represent their observations and communicate their ideas to others.

Nature of the assessment

Teacher observation

Purpose of the assessment

To ascertain students' ability to interpret tally charts and column graphs

Stage in the teaching sequence

Within a teaching cycle on sorting data

Assessment task

  • While on an 'animal safari' to the local wetlands students worked in pairs to keep a tally of the animals they saw.
  • The teacher selected two tally charts that had different tallies, based on the students' observations. He modelled drawing a column graph for each.



The teacher walked around the classroom to identify the students who could or could not explain what she had done wrong. She then led a class discussion specifically choosing students, about whom she had concerns, to answer questions focused on the need for a common unit.

Using the information

Although the teacher was not able to assess all students' understandings, he ascertained that many understood how a column graph was constructed from the tally sheet and could make simple interpretations of the graph. This allowed him to refine his next lesson.