Year 4

Health and Physical Education Support Materials

Assessment Principle 1

Assessment should be an integral part of Teaching and Learning

Health Education snapshot: Assertiveness

Health and Physical Education/Health Education/Personal, social and community health/Being healthy, safe and active

Content Description

Strategies that help individuals to manage the impact of physical, social and emotional changes, such as:

  • positive self-talk
  • assertiveness
  • seeking help
  • sharing responsibilities

Nature of the assessment

Teacher observation, peer assessment using checklist


Assertive communication is only one strategy taught as part of a group of strategies relating to managing difficult situations and changes in students’ lives. In Year 3, students were introduced to the concept of assertive behaviour in response to unsafe situations. In Year 4, they will be taught specific skills and language to use when being assertive.

Purposes of the assessment

To monitor students’ understanding of the concept of assertive communication versus passive or aggressive communication and how effectively they use the skill in different situations

Stage in the Teaching sequence

After an explicit lesson about passive, aggressive and assertive communication, and follow-up lessons where students have practised the skill of assertive communication – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students worked in groups of three. They were provided with situations where one person was tasked with responding to another’s behaviour using a passive response, then an aggressive response and finally an assertive response. The third person in the group completed a checklist to ensure the student had used all the relevant behaviours for each style of communication.

Students in the group took turns playing each role.

Assessment process

  • teacher observation during lessons and in unstructured situations
  • peer assessment using a checklist

Using the information

The teacher used the data to evaluate whether additional practice, using a wider range of scenarios, was required to consolidate the concepts.