Year 7

Technologies Support Materials

Assessment Principle 3

Assessment should be fair

Food specialisations snapshot: After school snack

Technologies/Design and Technologies/Knowledge and understanding/Food specialisations and Processes and production skills/Creating solutions by Designing/Evaluating

Content Description

Nutritional value and physical properties of food determine preparation techniques and presentation

Design, develop, review and communicate design ideas, plans and processes within a given context, using a range of techniques, appropriate technical terms and technology

Independently apply given contextual criteria to evaluate design processes and solutions

Nature of the assessment

Class activity

Purposes of the assessment

Assessment of a small group of students to check their understanding and ensure that they were ready to create their designs.

To check the students’ understanding of the nutritional value and physical properties of food and their application of these to the Healthy Living Pyramid. To check their design ideas, plans and processes prior to implementing and producing their solution.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

A class activity in the middle of a teaching cycle, following the generation of design ideas – formative assessment

Assessment task

The students were required to design two choices of after-school snacks which support the principles of the Healthy Living Pyramid and satisfy personal food preferences.

Students were then asked to analyse the nutritional value and physical properties of each of the chosen design solutions and to check that they had met the Healthy Living Pyramid requirements. The teacher provided them with a PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting) graphic organiser. Based on this analysis, the students chose which one of the two designs they would produce.

Assessment process

The majority of students were able to work independently to complete the PMI. The teacher brought together those students who had difficulties during the design phase. As she supported these students to complete the PMI, she provided feedback on their original designs and helped them refine these.

Using the information

The teacher used the activity as an opportunity to assess the students’ application of knowledge and understanding in a practical activity.