Year 8

Technologies Support Materials

Assessment Principle 5

Assessment should lead to informative reporting

Materials and Technologies specialisations snapshot: Model spaceship

Technologies/Design and Technologies/Knowledge and understand/Materials and technologies specialisations and Processes and production skills/Creating solutions by Designing/Producing and implementing/Evaluating/Collaborating and managing

Content Description

Principles of the design process for the selection and combination of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment

Design, develop, evaluate and communicate alternative solutions, using appropriate technical terms and technology

Produce a simple plan designed to solve a problem, using a sequence of steps

Safely apply appropriate techniques to make solutions using a range of components and equipment

Develop contextual criteria independently to assess design processes and solutions

Plan, publish and manage projects, collaboratively and/or individually, considering safety, specific task requirements, time and other required resources

Nature of the assessment


Assessment of individual students through a project to report on their creating solutions skills.

Purposes of the assessment

To check that students have applied the appropriate skills to design and produce a finished product to be measured against a set of developed contextual criteria.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

At the end of the teaching and learning cycle – to ensure students have applied processes and production skills while demonstrating the specific contextual knowledge required through the design solution – summative assessment.

Assessment task

The students were required to apply the creating solutions process in the completion of the investigating and defining, designing, producing and implementing, and evaluating of a model spaceship.

Assessment process

The students completed a self-reflection during, and at the completion of, a teaching and learning cycle, and at the completion of creating design solutions.

Using the information

The teacher used the activity to assess the students’ created design solutions against a specific set of developed contextual criteria in order to inform her reporting.