Year 5

Health and Physical Education Support Materials

Assessment Principle 2

Assessment should be educative

Physical Education snapshot: Roles and responsibilities in physical activities

Health and Physical Education/Physical Education/Movement and physical activity/Learning through movement

Content Description

Responsibilities of different roles in a range of physical activities, such as:

  • player
  • coach
  • referee/umpire

Ethical behaviour in applying rules in all game situations

Nature of the assessment

Reflective journal

Purposes of the assessment

To assess student awareness of roles within a group during physical activity and the effects these roles can have

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Part of a student journal which students completed throughout the year – formative and summative assessment

Assessment task

Students were asked to list three roles that a person could adopt during physical activity and then, for each role, to list two responsibilities. Finally they had to describe ethical behaviour that could be demonstrated within the context of each role.

Assessment process

The teacher read the journals and evaluated students’ ability to:

  • identify the roles available to participants in physical activities
  • recognise the responsibilities for each role identified
  • identify and describe ethical behaviour required within the context of the different roles.

Using the information

The teacher categorised the students’ answers as:

  • underdeveloped understandings
  • developing understandings
  • well-developed understandings.

She then observed students during physical activity to see how they were applying their knowledge.

The teacher provided feedback to each student, identifying a strength in their written answers and/or during their physical activity, and she offered corrective information to guide improvement.