Year 5

Technologies Support Materials

Assessment Principle 5

Assessment should lead to informative reporting

Food specialisations snapshot: Fridge magnet

Technologies/Design and Technologies/Knowledge and understanding/Technologies and society/Food specialisations and Processes and production skills/Creating solutions by Implementing and defining/Designing

Content Description

How people address competing considerations when designing products, services and environments

Food safety and hygiene practices

Define a problem and set of sequenced steps, with users making a decision to create a solution for a given task

Identify available resources

Develop and communicate alternative solutions and follow design ideas, using annotated diagrams, storyboards and appropriate technical terms

Nature of the assessment

Assessment of a product

Purposes of the assessment

To assess students’ understanding of food safety and hygiene and their ability to convey information to others

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Across a series of lessons – formative assessment

Assessment task

Design a fridge magnet to remind people of essential food hygiene and safety rules.

Background learning

  • Students have examined a series of posters, stamps and collectors’ cards to identify common features.
  • Students are familiar with word processing or desktop publishing programs.

Assessment process

The students worked in pairs to explore what they already knew about food safety and hygiene, and they had time to research rules to follow when preparing and storing food.

The teacher explained that their task was to design a fridge magnet that would remind people of essential food hygiene and safety rules. They also had to consider:

  • an appropriate size for the magnet
  • what information to include and what to exclude
  • whether or not to classify rules according to food safety and food hygiene
  • how best to summarise information
  • how to lay out the information in a limited amount of space
  • how to design the magnet so that it attracted people’s attention.

The students evaluated their magnets against the assessment criteria below. They had to note and explain two things that they did well and one thing that they would change in order to improve their design.

  • Our magnet is an appropriate size for a fridge magnet.
  • Our fridge magnet conveys essential information about food safety and hygiene.
  • Our fridge magnet achieves its purpose because it:
  • teaches people about food safety and hygiene
  • is easy to read
  • attracts attention
  • will encourage good food safety and hygiene practice.

Using the information

The teacher used the anecdotal notes she collected during this activity to inform her  end-of-semester reporting.