Year 5

Humanities and Social Sciences Support Materials

Assessment Principle 1

Assessment should be an integral part of Teaching and Learning

Economics and Business snapshot: Resources quiz

Humanities and Social Sciences/Knowledge and understanding/Economics and Business/Wants, resources and choices and Skills/Questioning and researching

Content Description

Resources can be natural (e.g. oil), human (e.g. workers), or capital (e.g. machinery) and how these are used to make goods and services to satisfy the needs and wants of present and future generations

Identify current understandings, consider possible misconceptions and identify personal views on a topic (e.g. KWL chart, concept map)

Nature of the assessment


Purposes of the assessment

To determine student understanding of key concepts prior to beginning the teaching and learning. This will enable the teacher to modify teaching to accommodate the needs of all students.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Beginning of the teaching cycle – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students were organised into multi-ability groups.

The quiz consisted of a variety of questions to test students’ prior knowledge of resources. The questions checked students’ understanding of relevant vocabulary, their ability to identify needs and wants, and their knowledge of different resources.

Assessment process

At the completion of the quiz, and then at the end of the unit of work, the students completed a KWL chart (what I already know, what I wonder and what I learnt) as a form of self-assessment.

The teacher identified misconceptions and misunderstandings from the quiz responses and subsequent classroom discussion.

Using the information

The teacher used the quiz to inform the ‘pitch’ of the lessons and to develop a more targeted teaching program around the conceptual understanding and skills.