Year 5

The Arts Support Materials

Assessment Principle 4

Assessments should be designed to meet their specific purpose

Visual Arts snapshot: Reflective Journal

The Arts/Visual Arts/Making/Production; Responding

Content Description

Reflection on how ideas, feelings and opinions have been communicated to an audience, including giving and receiving feedback

Consideration of how to display artworks to enhance meaning and audience engagement

Responses that identify and describe how the visual arts elements and techniques are used to communicate meaning in artworks, using visual arts terminology

Nature of the assessment

Reflective journal

Purposes of the assessment

To evaluate students’ ability to respond and to reflect on others’ and their own art

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Throughout the process – students stored their journals in a designated place and were aware that the teacher would read them throughout the term – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students were required to complete a journal entry responding to prompts provided by the teacher.

Assessment process

The teacher established reflective journals for the students to use at any time during a lesson. The teacher provided students with various prompts to guide reflection and they were required to use the art words they had learnt. The guidance included prompts such as:

  • Something I liked about my/your art
  • A suggestion I have for improving my art/your art is …
  • What do you see in the art?
  • What do you think the artist was thinking when making it?
  • How does it make you feel? What do you think about when you look at it?
  • What do you see? What do you think?
  • What I wanted to do; what I learnt; what I liked; what I would change

The teacher also provided students with the opportunity to write freely, and reflect and respond as they wanted to.

Using the information

The journals provided valuable information about the specific needs of individual students, as well as information about students’ ability to interpret and respond to their own and others’ art.