Year 9

Humanities and Social Sciences Support Materials

Assessment Principle 4

Assessments should be designed to meet their specific purposes

Civics and Citizenship snapshot: Role of political parties

Humanities and Social Sciences/Knowledge and understanding/Civics and Citizenship/Our democratic rights and Skills/Questioning and researching/Analysing

Content Description

The role of political parties, and independent representatives in Australia’s system of government, including the formation of governments

Identify current personal knowledge, gaps, misconceptions, currency of information, personal perspective and possible perspective of others

Apply subject-specific skills and concepts in familiar, new and hypothetical situations

Nature of the assessment

Graphic organiser for identification of prior knowledge

Purposes of the assessment

The teacher designed the assessment as a way of quickly collecting information about her students’ prior knowledge and understanding of the role of political parties and independent representatives in Australia’s system of government, including the formation of governments.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

Beginning of teaching cycle – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students were provided with a KWL chart to complete.

The teacher used the content to frame a series of broad questions that would provoke students’ thinking. She wrote these questions on the board and students were asked to complete columns 1 and 2 of the KWL chart.

Column 1:What do you Know about the topic?
Column 2:What do you Want to know?
Column 3: What did you Learn?

The teacher made sure to explain the purpose of the assessment and that it was to be used to gain an insight into what the students already knew about the topic.

Assessment process

The teacher observed the students as they completed the task. She then followed up with a quick brainstorm activity which allowed her to correct any misconceptions. The teacher collected the completed KWL charts. The students completed the third column at the end of the teaching and learning program.

Using the information

The teacher used the information on the KWL charts and from the brainstorming activity to inform her planning of the teaching program. The information from the assessment allowed her to plan a program that challenged her students to go beyond what they already knew and understood.