Year 9

Technologies Support Materials

Assessment Principle 1

Assessment should be an integral part of Teaching and Learning

Materials and Technologies specialisations snapshot: Soft toy

Technologies/Design and Technologies and Processes and production skills/Creating solutions by Investigating and defining

Content Description

Identify and define the needs of a stakeholder, to create a brief, for a solution

Investigate a selection of components/resources to develop solution ideas, identifying and considering constraints

Nature of the assessment

Before/During/After activity

Purposes of the assessment

To assess how students’ understandings of the design brief develop, as they progress through the creating solutions process.

Stage in the Teaching sequence

At various points throughout the creating solutions process – formative assessment

Assessment task

Students were required to answer the following set of questions at three different stages in the design process.

  • What sorts of toys do children between one and two years of age like?
  • What are the different purposes for toys made for children in this age range?
  • What safety issues need to be considered when designing toys for children in this age range?
  • What materials are best suited to making a toy for a child in this age range?
  • What is the best way to join materials required to make your toy?

Assessment process

After creating a design solution and making the finished product, students wrote their answers to the questions prior to the commencement of the creating solutions process.


The teacher used the activity to assess the students’ understanding of the needs of a stakeholder, their ability to create a brief for a solution and to investigate the selection of components/resources when developing solutions.